Ali Hamed Abdulla Al Habsi Oman

Ali Hamed Abdulla Al Habsi Oman

This 58yr old Omani national had blockages of all three arteries of the heart(LAD 80% mid;LCX 60% proximal;RCA 100% mid). His heart was dilated and globular with EF 45% and severe MR-mitral regurgitation . He was advised Triple Bypass Surgery + repair of Mitral valve at Royal Hospital Oman. He had multiple other problems like Obesity, severe gout, cervical lymphadenopathy, enlarged liver, ascites, pedal edema ,difficulty in breathing even at rest, palpitations with sweating and mild renal impairment. All of which made his otherwise dangerous operation even more precarious.

For him one choice was leading a bedridden life in the ICU,where every breath was torture.The other choice was life threatening double surgery of Bypass Surgery +Mitral valve repair with an expected 15% chance of death and 30% chance of serious complications.
He also had a large hydrocele since last two years which was painful and troublesome and which no doctor would operate because of his heart condition.

He also visited Apollo Hospital Chennai where his EF was found to be 35% and he was again advised high risk CABG.

He finally came to us on 05.08.08 and opted for a course of EECP+AMT which we promised him was 100% safe. We started treatment for his advanced failure and then gave him twice daily ECP .Within 5 days his breathing improved,swelling feet disappeared, ascites and size of liver reduced.On the 14th day we operated upon his hydrocele successfully. By the 20th day he was walking 500 meters without pain or breathlessness.

We also put him under the care of a physiotherapist for his gout and osteoarthritis of both knees and left shoulder.

After a month he was discharged in fine shape and walking 1000 meters at a brisk pace. Mr ALI had avoided Bypass Surgery .

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