Dr Abdool Hamid Hoosen

Dr Abdool Hamid Hoosen.

This 51 yr old doctor from Johanesburg South Africa came to us with a history of having had 10 (TEN) stents implanted in his heart over the last 12 years. Now that no more stents can be placed and he being unfit for Bypass Surgery ,the only option left for him is EECP+AMT.

He is a Diabetic since 22yrs and Hypothyroid since 10 years. Also a heavy smoker since last 33 yrs. In 1997 at the age of just 40yrs,he got his first heart attack. The doctors found multiple blockages and put in 5 stents in LAD, and three in LCX and its branches because both these major arteries were blocked at five places.

In 2001 he had another episode of chest pain but no MI, hagiography was done,one old Stent was cleared of clots and one new one put in LAD.

In July 2006 he had another MI which could not be thrombolysed in time, so two more stents were put in after an interval of 2 months.

In August 2008 while on a fishing holiday in Zambia he had a massive heart attack and had to airlifted to Johannesburg, South Africa, and two stents were put in, as an emergency procedure to save his life. His EF just after the stents was 33%. In January 2009 his condition deteriorated and he had heaviness of chest with severe breathlessness on minimal exertion. He consulted his cardiologist who said nothing more could be done.

The cardiothoracic surgeon ruled out Bypass Surgery He consulted other cardiologists and surgeons in Europe and the US, but all said the same thing Medical science cannot help you anymore. So he was in advanced cardiac failure Class IV with an EF of 30%, and poorly controlled diabetic on 100 units of insulin per day with a random blood sugar of 526mg%.

We started him on AMT and EECP at Randhawa Hospital, and he showed remarkable recovery. By the end of 1st week,he had quit smoking, could walk 400 meters without breathlessness and his fasting Blood sugar was 122mg.

He continued his amazing recovery and walked 4 Kms to the Golden Temple just a day before his discharge. In a TV interview he said I had come to Amritsar from Johannesburg on a wheel chair (for my airport transfer),today I am leaving fully ambulatory and confident of starting my 2nd innings. Being a doctor himself his advice for heart patients is don’t let your doctors tell you there is nothing more we can do.

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