Dr Boris Gudunov

Dr Boris Gudunov M.D ( South Africa)

He is a 63year old Medical doctor,specialist in Internal medicine, working in Port Elizabeth,South Africa.Diagnosed as CAD / Triple vessel disease / HT in June 2008.

He has severe hypertension and had one episode of Acute LVH (left ventricular failure) leading to pulmonary edema, needing hospitalization. Cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons in South Africa advised immediate Bypass Surgery .He refused to be cut up and choose to undergo EECP+AMT at Randhawa Hospital at Amritsar. Started treatment on 10th November 2008 and is currently with us. You may speak to him on his mobile No +91-98880-44566 during daytime only.He can tell you about his experience, hospitality, efficacy of treatment, living conditions and safety in Amritsar.

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